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Check Out Focusound: An Innovative See-Thru Glass Directional Speaker

If you’ve been a regular reader of ours then you likely know that I’m a self-described movie-phile. My wife and I watch movies at least 3 nights a week (especially Friday/Sunday) and not too long ago I got our first “real” surround sound system. The problem is, I like to have the sound volume rather high (I like that theater feel) and she doesn’t.

I also happen to listen to my music at higher volumes while I work and although I’m across the house, there are times when my entertainment drowns out hers. So, imagine our excitement when we heard about FocusoundTM.

This innovative system is going to change the way a LOT of people listen to music, watch TV, and even attend video conferences. Here is what you need to know about Focusound and how it can enhance your quality of experience in situations ranging from work to conducting online conferences with another individual or in a group in a shared space.

Why You’ll Love This See-Thru Glass and Directional Sound Technology

With a minimalist design and 360-degree spatial audio, FocusoundTM is a revolutionary new device that allows you to precisely control the direction in which sound is emitted from your speakers. 

Instead of normal speakers that will typically have omnidirectional sounds, this technology, quite literally focuses the sound in a specific direction. This enables the sound to go to a desired location, providing a more compelling experience for all present within a general area.

It does this by using directional technology and special see-through glass panels. Specifically, the Focusound technology is integrated in the translucent glass to provide a directional audio soundscape.

It is important to note here that directional sound technology has been in place for a while now, what is even more intriguing about this advancement is that it improves the experience by presenting a simple, slim, and clean translucent interface. It isn’t bulky and offers a more crisp, clear,  powerful and focused audio experience.

The result is that you can control where the sound goes and how loud it gets – allowing for personalized listening experiences with no compromise on clarity, impact, or volume. Whether you want to hear the TV in the living room and not your spouse’s study or you just want to jam out privately, FocusoundTM makes it possible.

This is great news for couples who share small spaces and people who don’t want to disturb their neighbors but still want a fully immersive experience with their respective media.  The sound quality from FocusoundTM is amazing and the fact that you can control it with a remote or your phone/tablet is really convenient.

Let’s take a look at some of the options with Focusound.

Choose From Several Amazing Options

Depending on what you want to primarily use it for, there are two options. The single-speaker FocusoundTM is perfect for creating your personal sound space but the FocusoundTM DUO offers two powerful speakers that can deliver high-quality sound while allowing you to control the direction of the sound and its volume. The speakers adjust to multiple angles and work perfectly whether placed vertically or laterally so you can easily customize your listening experience and enjoy immersive sound with no loss of clarity or impact.

This adaptability and customizability is extremely important. It allows you to simply set it up next to your television set or your portable devices. It’s great because it fits into your life and provides you with stellar audio experiences.

The Key Benefits of Focusound and Focusound DUO

The stereo effect is top-notch and the fact that you can control it from your smartphone or tablet makes it even better. The FocusoundTM DUO is ideal for couples/roommates in small spaces who want to hear their music or TV without disturbing others and works great for the living room or just sitting next to your desktop computer. 

I highly recommend FocusoundTM DUO for anyone looking for a unique audio experience with maximum convenience and flexibility.

FocusoundTM really hits home for me. See, I find myself regularly working from different places in my home. At the same time, I like to have the right background sounds. These sounds may range from old school classic rock to intriguing international music.

Now, while I like to have my music at a certain volume, my wife or houseguests (granddaughter, nieces, daughters, and other relatives) may not appreciate my music. They may want to watch a game or a TV show and that would interfere with my music experience and my productivity.

FocusoundTM makes a big difference by enabling us to share the same space while immersing ourselves in our respective audio experiences. They can watch the latest superhero movie without disturbing me and my music experience.

The Specs

Here’s a brief overview of the specs on Focusound.

Fr – 0.1- 20KHZ

Power – 15W

SPL – Focusound 74db/ FocusoundDUO 78db

Directivity -15deg

THD – <10%

Size – 14 inches

Channels – 2

Experience The Power of Directed Audio Technology with Focusound

Directed audio technology, sound glass tech, multiple soundzone algorithms to provide 360-degree-spatial audio, and a minimalist design makes Focusound  unique and beneficial.

Overall, we think FocusoundTM is an incredible invention and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have superior sound quality, and we anticipate that FocusoundTM will be a great addition to any home audio setup.

In conclusion, Focusound is an amazing new product that offers convenience and quality at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a way to truly immerse yourself in your next movie night or video conference, this may be the perfect solution. Be sure to check it out!

Newswire :
Unlike normal sound speakers, which generally propagate omnidirectional sounds, FocusoundTM speaker delivers sound along a fixed direction in a narrow beam so that sound can be precisely controlled and targeted to the desired listening area. The secrets of this cutting-edge technology are hidden within the wonderful glass panel – the source of the sound that creates a directional audio soundscape just for the listener. Along with an exclusive Multiple SoundZone Algorithm, FocusoundTM creates a full-range sound effect and spatial audio experience for the listener. It is not only a breakthrough in audio technology but also an innovation in display technology. The FocusoundTM team went through years of research and development for this ingenious use of glass directional speakers to be available for everyone.

In comparison with other traditional directional speakers, FocusoundTM is one of the world’s most advanced directional speakers that uses translucent glass as the sound-emitting unit. Although directional speakers have years of developing history, it is hard to see one with such a small size while maintaining the novel and private listening experience in the current market. This synthesized translucent glass panel is processed by several complex display semiconductor procedures. It not only shows elegance from any angle, it also ensures it’s a powerful unit to provide clear, resonant sounds to the audience.’


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