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Microsoft Strikes Blockbuster Licensing Deal with Boosteroid

The gaming world is abuzz with the news of Microsoft’s blockbuster licensing deal with Boosteroid, a cloud game provider. The 10-year agreement will bring some of the most popular titles from Activision Blizzard to Xbox and PC platforms, as well as offer new challenges for players on the cloud gaming platform. 

This move may persuade gamers who have been hesitant to embrace cloud gaming to give it a try, given that they can now access some of the biggest franchises in the world without needing high-end hardware.

Microsoft’s Commitment to Cloud Gaming

The announcement of this agreement demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to its vision of intelligent cloud gaming. In addition to making these games available through their own platform, 

Microsoft has also signed deals with Nintendo and Nvidia, showing that they are serious about being a key player in the gaming industry. As the president and chief executive officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has approved this direction for the company, citing his support for cloud technology as a way to empower people all over the world to play the games they love without restrictions.


One potential challenge in implementing the Microsoft and Boosteroid Licensing Deal is persuading independent gamers to support this new direction for the company. While the latest move may be key to their vision of empowering people all over the world, it will require clear and concise language to communicate the benefits of cloud technology without overwhelming or confusing those who are not familiar with it.

Another commitment that must be made is ensuring that the agreement allows popular games to be released without restrictions. This can be a challenge as different countries have varying regulations, but Microsoft must find a way to navigate these obstacles while maintaining their support for this innovative approach.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s recent acquisition of cloud game provider Boosteroid is a significant step in the company’s commitment to cloud gaming. The deal with Ukraine-based Boosteroid will allow Xbox and PC gamers to access their favorite games through the cloud, without the need for expensive hardware or devices.

While there are challenges and concerns surrounding regulatory approval and competition from similar services like Steam and Sony’s PlayStation Now, Microsoft remains committed to supporting its vision for intelligent cloud gaming. The agreement will also include Activision Blizzard titles such as Call of Duty franchise, making it an even more attractive offer for gamers.

Microsoft’s chief executive has announced that this investment in cloud gaming is a key direction for the company, and they are fully committed to supporting independent game providers like Boosteroid. With the latest technology and support, Microsoft aims to persuade even more gamers to join their base and enjoy popular video games on any device.


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