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People Are Saying No To Food Delivery

Looks like our love for food deliveries is starting to cool off. According to recent reports, customers of popular fast-food chains Chipotle and Domino’s are beginning to cut back on their delivery orders. Can you believe it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But wait a minute, isn’t food delivery supposed to be the next big thing? Aren’t we all supposed to be ordering takeout from the comfort of our own couches?” Well, apparently not anymore.

It is important to note here that food delivery exploded over the pandemic as people stayed home and avoided too much interaction outside. But things have progressed and people are able to go outside and eat at restaurants without as much fear. They do not have to lean that much on Door Dash and other delivery platforms.

Here is what you need to know about shifting attitudes when it comes to food delivery orders.

People Are Opting For Less Food Delivery Orders

People started to look at their food delivery orders and think that maybe it is a great idea to slow down for a while.

So, what’s causing this sudden shift in behavior? For one thing, it seems that people are becoming more conscious about where their food is coming from and how it’s being prepared. With health concerns at an all-time high, many consumers are opting for home-cooked meals instead of greasy fast food.

Lol, that’s not entirely true. Taking the time out to cook and have that as a strong staple across different households is not really in the cards at the present moment.

Sure, we may all think about how we need to optimize for our health and pack food for work or cook dinner at home but it can be easy to get caught up in different aspects of life.

The love for ordering out or taking food to go is still going strong, customer habits there have not really changed that much. It is more the fact that people do not want to take on the additional costs associated with food delivery.

Have You Slowed Down On Ordering Food?

Let’s face it, those fees can really add up over time. And if you’re already tight on cash, shelling out extra money just for convenience might not seem worth it after a while.

Of course, there’s also the issue of quality control. We’ve all had those disappointing experiences where our food arrives cold, soggy, or just plain wrong.

In the end, many people still settle for that cold, soggy, or wrong food, why, it is been a while and you’re interested in having something over waiting a potential thirty to forty minutes or so for your next delivery.

Are you slowing down on your food delivery orders? If you are slowing down on your food delivery orders, you would be joining an increasing amount of people who are doing so, too.


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