Why microsoft az-700 certification is important?

Why Microsoft AZ-700 Certification is important?

Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions is one of the highly demanding certifications. Candidates for this exam are expected to demonstrate subject matter competence in the planning, executing, and sustaining Azure networking solutions. These solutions should include hybrid connectivity, networking, routing, privacy, and limited access to Azure services. This exam evaluates your ability to…

The best uses for the microsoft 365 search box

The Best Uses for the Microsoft 365 Search Box

Using the Microsoft 365 application can help you quickly locate context-specific information tips and files through the search box. The powerful Microsoft search box has several features shared between Microsoft 365 apps. Notably, some of these features are unique to individual applications, and understanding them can help you expedite workflow. This article provides a detailed…

How to animate a still slide background in microsoft powerpoint

How to Animate a Still Slide Background in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to improve the Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow appearance, work on the background by using a unique pattern, gradient, color, or inserting an image. Similarly, you can animate the background to make it more appealing. Creating a still slide background is easy if you use Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac. The feature adds subtle movements…

How to add borders and color to paragraphs in google docs

How to Add Borders and Color to Paragraphs in Google Docs

If you want your text to stand out in Google Docs, highlight important information with color, format accordingly, use a specific font, or add shading and borders to your paragraphs. You could have a report that requires a border around a block of text or an instructional document requiring some coloring on an essential text….

4 features that are set to disappear from future smartphones

4 Features That Are Set to DISAPPEAR From Future Smartphones

Future phones will probably have no charging ports or physical buttons. Phone manufacturers have repeatedly cut out smartphone features ranging from headphone jacks to removable batteries. They do it to either execute clever business strategies or replace the components with better alternatives. In addition to the features that have become obsolete, there are others that…

How to recover any unsaved or overwritten microsoft excel files

How to Recover Any Unsaved or Overwritten Microsoft Excel Files

If you’ve ever lost an excel file because of accidentally closing the program without saving it, you know how frustrating the experience can be. However, you don’t have to start over as there are several methods to help you recover the file. Although you might not get the latest file, it would be a lot…